Once you have made macro level choices regarding the style, age and location of the condominium you’re looking to purchase, then comes the specific features you need to look into. Each condo comes with its own unique features and pitfalls buyers need to inspect before finalizing the buying decision. Some may be built and ready for tenants to move in instantly, while others may still require additional work to get the units in shape before listing them in the market. Whatever the situation, let’s examine the points you need to consider in a condo before purchasing it on sale in Destin, Florida. Besides examining a property on your own, you can always hire top real estate specialists to help you in spotting the best properties in the market.

1. Appliances

A number of modern developments will provide with state-of-the-art appliances including microwaves, refrigerators, and other home appliances. Owners normally need to upgrade some large appliances in each unit themselves such as washer/dryer hookup.

2. Common Areas

Common areas and related amenities are often required in some projects. For instance, if there are a number of boating lovers, then a boat dock or marina makes sense. While landscape and gardens lovers will opt to look for areas covered with beautiful lawns and turf. Each condo or property comes with its own common areas and features. Careful thought should be given to both the factors involving things buyer will desire along with those that do not tempt the buyer. Sometimes, condo dues related to the common area may also add to the cost. For example, community dues might be quite high compared to those in the rest of locality just because of the 60-slip marina. Somehow if you feel you’re not be able to get the most out of the installed features, it’s better to look somewhere else.

3. Parking

One of the major factors to consider, a parking area plays a vital role whenever you are choosing to acquire a condo unit. Most projects tend to have parking spaces in the basement of the site or adjacent to each building. Normally, each unit is allotted a specific number of parking passes, which is given on the basis of number of bedrooms each unit contains. The passes come in terms of hanging hand-tags or stickers that need to be visible on your vehicle whenever parking the car in the allocated space. Some expensive condos also tend to construct security-controlled parking areas equipped with automatic gates that open only for the building tenants and not for any outsider.

4. Security

Besides the installed gates, condos often install other security measures for the safety and comfort of residents. Certain high-tech and strict manual measures include 24/7 patrolling security guards, well lit parking spaces, corridors, and common areas, locked doors outside the building’s facilities and exterior spaces, camera and video surveillance, etc. The point is to prevent unwelcomed intrusion and burglars from entering the area.

The developers may also install perimeter fencing and safe landscaping for clear walkways without any overgrown bushes. Each unit allow tenants to have access to call 911 from their own space and/or install a personal alarm if needed to quickly call the emergency unit.

The condo should be well-equipped to deal with a plethora of natural disasters including fire, floods, earthquakes etc. and also total power blackout. The condo staff and security personnel must be clearly and personally informed of the names that requires extra and prompt attention in case of emergency clearance such as disabled or terminally ill people. Several large structures including the facilities areas tend to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire suppression systems too to catch the slightest fire before it goes beyond control.

Eventually the usefulness of the type of features in a condominium depends on your choices, and what you consider worth investing in. If you’re not sure of these features, it’s always best to consider your local real estate agent like Lisa Snuggs.