In Destin, Florida and all along the Emerald Coast, the purchase of waterfront property is a lifestyle enjoyed by permanent residents and second homeowners. Whether on the Gulf of Mexico, the Choctawhatchee Bay, Deep Water Bayou’s, Coastal Lakes or Santa Rosa Sound, there are many additional issues and conditions to consider before a purchase. Real estate transactions involving waterfront property require a professional with a specific knowledge of the local area, property history and insurance requirements.

The land

There are so many things to consider about the land itself; is it High and Dry – what is the elevation of the property and does the seller have an elevation certificate they will convey? Is the Seawall built strong? Be sure to have it inspected! What flood zone is it in? What direction is it facing or side of the building is it on, will you get the Sunrise or the Sunset? This will also influence your utility expenses.


Before a purchase, it is imperative you speak with a LOCAL insurance specialist to determine the expenses of insuring your new investment. If a property sits in a COBRA Zone or within the Coastal Construction Line, without the proper Elevation Certificate or LOMA Letter, insurance could be cost prohibitive.

Accessibility to boating

Waterfront living affords a boating lifestyle that Destin was founded on. If you are purchasing a home not only for your family, but for the family’s favorite toy – The BOAT, make sure you pick the right property with the access, water depth, boat house, lift and dock that will fit your boat and your lifestyle!


Always check local requirements for building and maintaining docks, piers, boat houses and lifts. What are the laws and costs associated with replacement due to storm damage?

Maintenance Expenses

Waterfront property is exposed to severe weather, salt air and constant moisture. These factors require additional attention to property preservation. Corrosion is inevitable and moisture damage must be constantly attended to. So before a waterfront purchase, these additional expenses should be taken into consideration.